Microblading Course for beginners

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This treatment involves skin penetration by use of disposable and very fine micro blades into the dermis with disposable tools.

You will be provided with course materials so to enable you to continue learning.



What is Microblading?

Microblading is one of the fastest growing treatments in the U.K, why not learn this great brow enhancement technique on our 2 day course plus a half day for assessment 12 weeks later.

Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery) is a manual method of applying semi-permanent makeup without the use of a machine.

We train using a specially designed “single use” disposable tools from the Tina Davies range that is sterile having been individually wrapped. This tool/blade is used to deposit the Tina Davies Brow pigments into the upper layers of the skin to create fine, realistic looking hair strokes to mimic full and defined eyebrows.

Microblading isn’t just great for anyone looking to improve or enhance the look of their eyebrows, it’s also for those with fine, gappy or over plucked brows, even those suffering from alopecia enabling your future clients to have well groomed eyebrows from the minute they get up in the morning, to give them confidence to go make up free for daily tasks such as swimming and going to the gym!

This technique lasts around 12 – 18 months depending on skin type and chosen colour and correct aftercare followed.

This course is delivered by highly trained tutors with a wealth of knowledge and over 6 years experienced whom still perform regular Microblading procedures within a salon environment.

As mentioned this 2.5 day Microblading course is made up 2 Full days of Theory and Practical Training and a half day assessment day. You will need to complete pre learning manuals prior to the course start date and complete 3 case studies following the course. The case studies are to be documented in a portfolio and handed in to gain a certificate after completion of the assessment half day. (model provided).

A Student Kit is included in the course cost for your case studies, extra kit can be purchased in advance or on the day at an additiona cost.

Here at UB Training Academy, we believe that thorough training over the 2.5 days will make you feel confident to work on paying members of the public whether you are new to the industry or have been involved with beauty for a number of years, you can not get the skills for this type of treatment from only doing an online or theory course. On our course there is a lot of theory and knowledge to process but we are always on hand if you feel you are struggling and post course we have a support group you will be invited to, to post before and afters for tutor feedback and a forum for questions and answers. We also run regular refresher courses if you have completed a Microblading course else where and do not feel confident. Please be aware that you will need to complete tasks in the evening at home during your course to prepare you for your live models on day 2.

During the 2.5 practical days you will work on practice skins and live models (models will be provided)

You will gain a Certificate of Attendance on the final practical day and a Certificate of Achievement once you have completed your assessment day, both are fully Accredited by ABT and will enable you to gain your council license and Insurance.

There are no prior qualifications needed to book this course, however we do feel that if you do not have any beauty background the Definition Brows course is always good to start with as it covers a lot of the brow mapping aspect and can also add to your treatment menu that you offer.

Your Assessment day will be pre-booked for you 12 weeks after you attend your course, you are more than welcome to sit the assessment day sooner if you have completed your case studies and feel confident and we have a trainer free on an earlier date. If you are unable to attend your assessment day and it has to be booked out of the 12 week window you will occur an extra charge for this.


What You’ll Learn 


  • Anatomy & Physiology: The skin and face.
  • Health, Safety & Salon Hygiene: Your duty of care, regulations, licensing, sterilisation, disinfection & needle disposal.
  • Client Consultation: Managing expectations, contraindications, record keeping, patch testing, medical issues to consider, pain control, after care and follow up treatments.
  • Equipment: Getting to know the tools, blade choice, and additional equipment required for treatments, setting up your work area.
  • Colour Theory: Identifying skin tones, choosing colours and tones, mixing colours, controlling colour performance in the skin, working on ethnic skin types.
  • Pain Control: Legal options available.
  • Perfect brow positioning: How to measure and position the brows using different brow mapping techniques on different face shapes.
  • Client Care.
  • Treatment application: Enhancing thin brows, creating natural hair strokes, colour blending. Practice on fake skins to learn about depth of implanting pigments.
  • Aftercare and Aftercare products.
  • Insurance and Legal Requirements.
  • Marketing – how to market your treatment to existing clients and attract new clients.
  • Introduction to advanced workshops available upon completion of your basic Microblading Course (Advanced workshops to be confirmed)

You can add the half day A.C.T Fast Topical course which goes in-depth covering Health, Safety and Hygiene, First Aid, knowledge and application of legal anaesthetic creams and Adrenaline to the end of your Microblading Course. This course gives you access to a prescription order service and clinical oversight for each of your clients. See more details below or visit the A.C.T Fast Topical Course page.

The A.C.T Fast Topical Course

The A.C.T Fast Topical Course promotes the use of adrenaline in microblading and SPMU treatments.
The use of adrenaline promotes healing as well as reduces the risk of swelling and controls any bleeding that occurs in the treatment.
Other benefits of using adrenaline includes:

* Only ONE Ingredient
* Can be used on broken skin
* Helps with client comfort
* Superior retention of pigment
* Amazing healing properties
* Minimal aftercare required.

The A.C.T fast course also details the importance of using legal anaesthetic cream. Unfortunately unlicensed products are readily available across the internet. Using these products are putting yourself and your client at risk.
By using unlicensed products your products are:

* Uninsured
* No client consent
* No adequate training to deal with anaphylactic shock
* No clinical oversight
* No product trail.

You wouldn’t put it on your skin, so don’t risk it on others.
Take the A.C.T Fast Topical course today and ensure the safety of yourself and your client.

Free membership to ACPB on completion of course which provides you with clinical oversight for each client.

Finance options available through our provider Payl8ter.

Additional information


13-14th Jan, 22-23 Feb, 25-26 Mar, 20-21 Apr, 14-15 May, 26-27 June


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